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Being accused of a crime is a very serious matter. Not only do you potentially face the loss of your freedom, a criminal conviction can have devastating consequences for you and your loved ones.

If you or someone you care about have been arrested and charged with a crime in Chicago or Illinois, or have learned that you may be part of an Illinois or Federal criminal investigation contact me for a free initial confidential consultation. I will aggressively fight for your rights. I have been able to use my knowledge and experience to have the charges dismissed, reduced, negotiated favorably, or to win a bench or jury trial. Additionally, several times where I was involved at an early stage of a criminal investigation, such as questioning by the police at the police station, my intervention prevented my clients from being charged.

I have been licensed to practice law in Illinois since 1993. Over this time I've developed a reputation among my colleagues, various prosecutors, and the judiciary as an aggressive and skilled Chicago criminal defense attorney and DUI Attorney Chicago, IL.

The majority of my career I have devoted to protecting the constitutional rights of my clients and defending their interests in Illinois and the federal courts. Many criminal defense attorneys tout their experience as former prosecutors. Some are good but most cannot remake their legal philosophy. They simply have changed jobs to make more money. I have always chosen to represent the underdog and fight the prosecution. I believe in what I do and I believe in winning. Don't bet your future, and possibly your freedom, on someone who may have switched sides only for a bigger paycheck.

I've represented 1000s of clients accused of just about every crime you can imagine. From major felonies such as murder, armed robbery and predatory criminal sexual assault to "white collar" crimes such as financial institution fraud, theft, and wire fraud to misdemeanors like DUI and battery.

Regardless of your situation I will do everything possible to make the very best of a bad situation. We can't change the past but we can strive to change the future. Contact me for a free initial confidential consultation.

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