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Secretary of State Hearings Attorney in Chicago, Illinois

If your Illinois Driver’s License is revoked because of an out-of-state DUI, multiple DUIs (in Illinois and/or elsewhere), reckless homicide (or a DUI where a death occurred), or a motor vehicle accident involving death – the Illinois Secretary of State will revoke your driver’s license.


Once your driver’s license is revoked, it will not be valid until you take the initiative to reinstate it. To reinstate your driver’s license you will need to have a hearing with the Secretary of State. There are two types of hearings: Formal and Informal. Which is appropriate for you depends on the facts and circumstances of your case and your driving background.

I have assisted hundreds of motorists at Secretary of State Hearings concerning the reinstatement of their driver’s licenses. IT IS NOT AN EASY PROCESS. Illinois has a very strict process set up that can be difficult to navigate. However, I have a very high success rate. The reason for my high success rate is Preparation.

To succeed at the Secretary of State hearing you will need to be thoroughly prepared regarding:

• Your alcohol and drug evaluation needs to be done by a competent and professional alcohol and drug evaluator.

• Your risk level needs to be correct.

• You need to understand why you were placed at the correct risk level.

• The supporting documents submitted at the hearing need to be in good order.

• You need to be prepared to testify on your own behalf at the hearing.

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If you hire me to represent you at a Secretary of State hearing, I will:

• Make sure your alcohol and drug evaluation is an accurate description of who you are. This document describes your lifetime relationship with alcohol and drugs. It also describes what your current use of alcohol and drugs is. I work with several different alcohol and drug evaluators in the Chicagoland area. The evaluators I recommend are experienced and respected by the Illinois Secretary of State. The importance of this document cannot be overlooked.

• The alcohol and drug evaluator will assign a Risk level to you. What risk level you are placed at depends on a variety of factors: how many DUI arrests you have; what you blew (or didn’t blow) on the breathalyzer; how close in time the DUI arrests were to each other; and your answers to other questions asked by the evaluator. Many alcohol evaluators don’t assign the correct Risk level. I will make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

• Make sure you understand why you were placed at a particular Risk level. At the hearing you will need to demonstrate you understand your Risk level, and the education and treatment you received concerning this Risk level. I will help you with this process. (For example: there is a difference between someone who abused alcohol and someone who is an alcoholic).

• Depending on your Risk level you may be required to submit documents demonstrating your abstinence from alcohol and your participation in a support program. I will make sure these documents are prepared by the right people and are done correctly.

• Most importantly, I will make sure you are prepared to testify on your own behalf at the hearing. You will need to talk about your lifetime relationship with alcohol (and drugs). You will need to talk about your current relationship with alcohol (and drugs). You will need to demonstrate an understanding of your specific Risk level and how you have changed your life based on the education and treatment you received.


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